The Power to Choose

By choosing a new home powered by SunStreet EnergyTM, your primary source of power becomes clean, renewable energy from the solar system on the roof. When you need more electricity, it's always available from your local utility.

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The Power to Save

Very few things in life are guaranteed. It's nice to have something you can count on, like SunStreet's Solar 20/20 PlanTM Discount Guarantee. You buy all of the energy produced by the solar system for 20 years at 20% off the rate you would have otherwise paid the local utility if you did not have a solar system on your roof.

About Our Solar 20/20 Plan
Solar 20/20 Plan Pricing

The Power to
Make a Difference

You are doing your part to protect the Earth's depleting resources by using solar energy. You should feel good knowing solar energy generally produces no emissions or air pollution, offsetting traditional power sources.

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